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The Family Survival Guide To A New Driver

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Teaching your children how to drive can be one of the most exciting yet trying times of both of your lives. Attorney Mike Schafer, along with his daughters, Rachael and Savannah, have written “The Family Survival Guide To A New Driver” to help both the parent and the new driver understand what the other is going through. This book is full of tips and advice about the process of obtaining a permit and driver’s license. “The Family Survival Guide To A New Driver” is really two books in one. Mike writes directly to the parents about the law and teaching his daughters how to drive and Rachael, with some help from her sister, writes directly to the teen new driver. This book is a must read for anyone who has a child ready to get their permit.

What parents will learn:

  • How to guide your teen through getting their driving permit
  • How to teach your teen to drive
  • Teaching your teen driving safety
  • Which car should your teen be driving
  • How to talk about certain problems with your teen driver

What teens will learn:

  • How to survive your parents when learning to drive
  • What happens when you get your permit
  • What to expect during Driver’s Ed
  • What to keep in your car at all times
  • What happens when you breakdown

It’s Two Books in One!

“The Family Survivor Guide To A New Driver” Table of Contents

Parents Only

  • Dedication and Acknowledgements
  • Disclaimer and Warning
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Driving Permit
  • Chapter 2: Driver’s Education
  • Chapter 3: The Road Test
  • Chapter 4: The Graduated License
  • Chapter 5: More Points On Teaching Your Teen To Drive
  • Chapter 6: Picking A Car For Your Teen Driver To Drive
  • Chapter 7: Car Insurance
  • Chapter 8: Car Accidents
  • Chapter 9: Problems To Talk To Your Teen Driver About
  • Final Thoughts

Teens Only

  • Disclaimer and Warning
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Tips On Surviving Your Parents
  • Chapter 2: Getting A Permit
  • Chapter 3: The Bad Part – Driver’s Ed
  • Chapter 4: First Time In The Car
  • Chapter 5: Friends
  • Chapter 6: I Have To Drive A Clunker
  • Chapter 7: What To Keep In Your Car
  • Chapter 8: Car Accidents
  • Chapter 9: Breakdowns
  • Chapter 10: Getting Your License
  • Chapter 11: Random Thoughts
  • Closing


About the Author for Teens Only
Rachael Schafer is from Kentucky. She graduated from the University of Louisville’s College of Business where she received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. She is currently working on her MBA at Bellarmine University. She works at UPS as a frontline supervisor. She also works at The Schafer Law Office as a Marketing Assistant.

Note: If you don’t qualify for a FREE copy of this book (you are not a Kentucky resident), you can buy it at Amazon by clicking here.