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Plasma Disc Decompression

Plasma Disc Decompression is described as a new option for people who have suffered a back injury, usually a bulging or herniated disc, in a car accident. If an accident victim has not responded to conservative care in the past, back surgery was the only option. These surgeries include spinal fusions. The results cannot be guaranteed, and the recovery period is extensive and painful.

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Plasma Disc Decompression
In many cases Plasma Disc Decompression may be the alternative to the more invasive back surgery. It is described as a minimally invasive procedure that allows you to go home on the same day as the procedure. The procedure is performed under x-ray guidance. A small pathway is made into the disc and a device is inserted through the surgical port into the center of the injured disc.

During the procedure
Nucleus tissue is removed from the disc to relieve pressure on the outside membrane of the disc. The hope is that the removal of this material will allow the bulge to recede. Hopefully the disc will no longer irritate the nerve root that is the cause of the pain after the procedure. It is said that the procedure takes less than an hour and you are able to go home after a few hours.

Available in Louisville
It is my understanding that the procedure is now available in Louisville, Kentucky. Having this option available gives the personal injury attorney handling a back injury case another option to present to their client to explore. If you are suffering from a bulging or herniated disc, this is a procedure you may want to get more information on.