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Everyday there are auto accidents and news related to personal injury. Here are some of the most important news and press releases from The Schafer Law Office that will help you stay informed, be aware and keep you safe while on the road.

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Do Accident Victims Need To Reimburse Medicare In Full?

Medicare benefits are obtained by many clients for daily medical needs. However, Federal law provides Medicare expansive rights with regard to claimants who are or will become eligible for Medicare benefits. In cases of automobile accident, medical bills could rise up and if Medicare paid those charges in full, does Medicare have the right to … Continued


Category: Medical
Published: 01/11/12

April 10-16, 2011 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

The Office for Victims of Crime has helped lead communities throughout the country since the year 1981 through their annual observances of National Crime Victim’s Rights Week. It is done by promoting victims’ rights and honoring crime victims and those who advocate on their behalf. Victims of Crime include those who are inflicted with pain, … Continued


Category: General
Published: 04/05/11

Tilden Curl: 2010 Goodyear North America Highway Hero

Tilden Curl was picked as the winner from four professional truck drivers’ finalists for the 28th annual Goodyear North America Highway Hero Award. Curl accepted the Highway Hero award and a $10,000 U.S. Savings Bond, a plaque and a specially designed ring that was featured March 31 at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. … Continued

Semi-Truck Accidents

Category: Truck Accidents
Published: 04/02/11

2010 American Lawyer Academy Viral Video Contest

Press Release $25,000 Scholarships for Viral Videos The Schafer Law Office and American Lawyer Academy Promote Safe Driving FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 15, 2010 – The Schafer Law Office, a Louisville, Kentucky personal injury law firm, is pleased to announce that it is the Central Regional Sponsor of the 2010-2011 American Lawyer Academy (ALA) Viral … Continued


Category: Press Releases
Published: 09/13/10

How Do Most Kentucky Accident Attorneys Get Paid?

There are three common ways an attorney can get paid when they represent an accident victim’s case. One method is a contingency fee. This is when the attorney is paid a certain percentage of what is collected when the case is settled. Another method is a flat fee. This is an agreed upon amount between … Continued


Category: General
Published: 02/01/10

New Auto Designs May Help Reduce Pedestrian Injuries

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), January 1 and October 31 are the two most deadly days of the year for pedestrians. Autumn is the season for the highest rate of pedestrian fatalities. The three hour time period between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. is the highest rate of any other three … Continued

Safe Driving

Category: Accidents
Published: 08/26/09

Do Accident Victims Have To Give Recorded Statements?

There is no requirement that you have to give the insurance company a statement after your accident. Your insurance company will need to know what happened, but this can wait. Do not give them a statement until at least a few days after your accident or maybe even weeks or months. Related: Is The Insurance … Continued

Accident Report

Category: General
Published: 07/21/09

Proposed PIP Bill Restricts Treatment For Accident Victims

House Bill 381 has been introduced recently in the Kentucky legislature by Rep. Jim Gooch. This is a bill that, if passed, would alter the way no-fault or PIP medical payments are handled in Kentucky auto accidents. The bill is proposing several changes to the No-Fault Statute. These include: The statute now presumes medical bills … Continued


Category: General
Published: 02/27/09

Can An Auto Accidents Cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

In a book published by the American Psychological Association called “After the Crash: Assessment and Treatment of Motor Vehicle Accident Survivors,” it reports that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The book also reports that over three million people are injured physically, psychologically or both. Related: Brain Injuries in … Continued

Category: Car Accidents
Published: 02/26/09

Uninsured Drivers Are Predicted To Rise By 2010

A Pennsylvania group, supported by the insurance industry, is predicting that the number of uninsured motorists will increase by 2010. In a study released by the Insurance Research Council, the fall in the economy and the unemployment rate increasing has begun to effect then number of uninsured drivers on the road. This could lead to … Continued


Category: General
Published: 02/23/09

What You Can Do To Prevent A Hydroplaning Accident

Hydroplaning, also known as aquaplaning, happens when a layer of water builds between the tires of a vehicle and the surface of the road. When this build up occurs, the vehicle will lose traction and prevent the vehicle from responding to control inputs. Control inputs are steering, braking and accelerating. The loss of this control … Continued

Road Safety

Category: Car Accidents
Published: 02/12/09

Are Elderly Drivers As Dangerous As We Think They Are?

There have been several reports looking into the issue of senior citizens behind the wheel. The common conception is that they are unsafe but recent findings are showing that is not necessarily the case. In a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), it showed that even though the number of drivers over … Continued

Auto Accident Tips

Category: Accidents
Published: 02/11/09

Treating Scars After An Accident

After an accident, there are many issues and questions that surface with the victims. If you have been injured in an accident, you know all of the questions that continually go through your mind. Once you have been treated and are recovering, you may be faced with the issue of permanent scarring. Now the question … Continued

Mental Injuries

Category: Medical
Published: 02/05/09

Inaccurate MRIs May Cause Further Damage

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive way to take internal pictures of the body. Unlike X-Rays and Computed Tomographic (CT) scans, which use radiation, the MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves. The MRI scanner contains a magnet. The magnetic field produced by an MRI is about 10 thousand times greater than the earth’s. … Continued

Head injuries

Category: Medical
Published: 10/22/08

Study Showed Seven Ways To Enhance Jury Trial Process

In a study conducted by the Seventh Circuit Bar Association, seven concepts were tested to see if they enhanced the jury trial process. The project tests began in October 2005 and ran through April 2008. They studied 50 civil jury trials and reviewed the survey results. The surveys were submitted by 434 jurors, 86 lawyers … Continued


Category: General
Published: 10/07/08

New Warning Systems To Help Prevent Auto Accidents

There are several new systems that are coming on the market that will help prevent accidents while driving. The technology is very advanced and not available for every make and model of car, but it will soon become an industry standard. This new phase of technology has been created to help prevent accidents. Many of … Continued

Car Collision

Category: Car Accidents
Published: 10/06/08

Medicare Fraud May Make Medicare Reductions More Difficult

Medicare apparently has over $92 million in fraudulent bills since 2000. The billing was done under the name of doctors who had been dead for as long as five years according to reports of investigators. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) was advised of the problem approximately six years ago. It looks like the problem has not … Continued


Category: Medical
Published: 07/10/08

Plasma Disc Decompression

Plasma Disc Decompression is described as a new option for people who have suffered a back injury, usually a bulging or herniated disc, in a car accident. If an accident victim has not responded to conservative care in the past, back surgery was the only option. These surgeries include spinal fusions. The results cannot be guaranteed, and the … Continued

Back Injuries

Category: Medical
Published: 07/04/08