Louisville, Kentucky Ranked 21st In Best Bike City

The cost of fuel is sky rocketing and traffic jams are everywhere. How are we supposed to get around? Well, the roads are congested, why not ride your bike around town? The bike in its well-worn simplicity has become a major part of urban community transportation plans. It not only saves you gas money; it’s also a great way to exercise.

Bicycling Magazine review
Bicycling Magazine has released their list of the Top Cities in the U.S. Congratulations to Kentucky for making the list! Louisville ranked 21 and Lexington received honorable mention. According to Bicycling, in order to be on the top 50, a city must possess a “robust cycling infrastructure” which includes segregated bike lanes, municipal bike routes and racks and bike boulevards. A city must also support a “vibrant and diverse bike culture” that includes a number of bike commuters, unique cycling events and savvy bike shops.

Biking in Louisville
Here in Louisville, we have Bike Louisville which is a program in Metro Government that works to create a bicycling environment that is safe, efficient and enjoyable for riders of all ages and levels of experience. Under the program, 5 E’s are created which are: Education, Enforcement, Encouragement, Engineering and Evaluation. Each “E” has team members from inside and outside local governments to continue distributing bike safety messages to motorist across Kentucky.

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Best Bike Cities
According to Peter Flax, Editor-in-Chief of Bicycling, “Bicycling’s Best Bike Cities demonstrates that cycling is taking hold like never before. Innovative cities are quickly reinventing their streets to accommodate cycling. This is because they recognize that a strong cycling culture and more people on bikes also means a better quality of life, healthier citizens and a friendlier, livable city.

Even though Louisville is an up and coming bicycle city, there are concerns. As a Personal Injury Attorney, I urge all motorists to pay extra attention to their driving and watch for bicyclists. With new bicyclists coming to the roads, many do not know the rules and the laws. One common mistake is riding a bike on the sidewalk. Bikes belong on the road and not on the sidewalks. Watch for these bicycles coming through intersections in the crosswalk. This is one of the most common areas for bicycle accidents. Be safe and let’s work to get Louisville in the top 10 next year!