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When To File A Lawsuit Over A Fatal Accident

Louisville, Kentucky (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Kentucky Accident Attorney Mike Schafer explained that if a pregnant woman was killed in a vehicle accident, the party at-fault is obliged to pay damages for the wrongful death not only of the pregnant woman but also of her unborn child. On May 6, 2013, a 27-week pregnant woman died at the University of Louisville Hospital after sustaining multiple blunt force injuries.

Detail about the accident
In the news entitled, “Pregnant woman killed, 2 others critically hurt in I-71 crash,” posted at Wave3.com, it was stated that Latonya Hunt, 31, of Sidon, Mississippi, died about an hour after the crash. According to Officer Donney Smith, Hunt was not wearing a seat belt when the accident took place, thus resulting to her ejection from the vehicle. The crash happened on Interstate 71.

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“Kentucky law particularly KRS 411.130 allows a civil lawsuit for the wrongful death of a fetus whose life is ended by someone’s negligence,” Mike Schafer pointed out. Though the state allows the right to recover damages for the negligent death of a person, Mike Schafer emphasized that Kentucky only recognizes an action for the wrongful death of a viable fetus and not of a non-viable fetus.

“A fetus is viable when it enters its sixth and seventh month of its existence. This means that a fetus less than 24-weeks is non-viable. Hence, his or her estate may not be allowed by the court to recover damages for his/her wrongful death,” Mike Schafer explained.

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