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Buddies Not Bullies


Mike Schafer of The Schafer Law Office has decided to help put an end to bullying in our schools by creating the Buddies Not Bullies Award. This award will recognize a student each week that has had the courage to stand by another who has been bullied or has by their consistent actions has created an atmosphere where bullying is not welcome. Statistically, 30% of students who reported that they had been bullied said they had at times brought weapons to school. Another scary statistic is 66% of students who are targets become bullies. Mike is very interested in increasing the safety of our children. “Our children are our future. We need to do everything we can to protect them and allow them to get the most out of their education.”

Bullying statistics
The current research reports that a bullying incident will likely stop in less than 10 seconds when there is intervention or the one being bullied is befriended by someone else. As a parent and an attorney, Mike Schafer is keenly aware of the effects bullying can have on children. These effects can be devastating and can create scars for life. Being bullied can have a ripping affect throughout one’s life. We need our children to be able to thrive in and enjoy school. Our children cannot do this if they are afraid of going to school.

Buddies Not Bullies Award
This award will be given twice a month to any Jefferson County Kentucky student in elementary, middle or high school. The nominees will be students who have the courage to befriend someone who has been treated disrespectfully or has by their actions created an environment that promotes fairness and just treatment of every one. A student may be nominated by a teacher, coach, parent, peer or anyone. Click here to go to the nomination form.

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