Trucking Accidents Versus Car Accidents

There are differences between truck accidents and car accidents. The main difference is size. The size of the truck that hit your car will affect the amount of damage your car receives. Car accidents sometimes allow you to walk away with minor injuries. This rarely happens with semi-trucks. Unfortunately, those involved in truck accidents often receive life threatening or fatal injuries.

Another difference is the truck’s maneuverability. A semi-truck’s size makes them harder to turn and control. They need more room to come to a complete stop, especially with a full load. Trucks cannot slow down easily or quickly if unexpected hazards appear in their path. This means, something as seemingly minor as a blown out tire can spell disaster. Semi-trucks also need extra room to make turns. They can jack-knife, fish-tail or veer across lanes. They have huge blind spots and the consequences of getting caught in one of their blind spots can be fatal.

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Other factors
The reason trucks are on the road in the first place can make them dangerous. Many trucks transport perishable goods or hazardous materials. Most of these transported goods come with tight deadlines. This adds pressure to the driver to push themselves to get to their destination on time. The lack of rest combined with deadlines increases the likelihood of trucking accidents.

White line fever
If a driver keeps pushing themselves, they are increasing their chances of having an accident. In trucker’s terms, this is called “white line fever.” The lines on the road blur and the driver may begin to nod off. In a worst-case scenario, the truck driver falls asleep. There are laws and regulations designed to prevent exhausted truckers from getting back on the road, but they’re not always enforced.

What do the trucking companies do at the accident scene?
If the accident is serious, the trucking companies may fly in an expert accident reconstructionist to the scene. Sometimes this happens within hours of the truck accident. They want their expert to have access to all of the evidence available. They want to win.