The Kentucky Accident Insurance Company Game Plan

AttorneyA game plan is necessary no matter what you do. Whether you are coaching a football game or planning your vacation, you must know how you are going to get to your final destination. To know what you have to do to win your Kentucky car accident case, you must first decide exactly what it means to you to win the case. What is a successful outcome? Winning means different things to different people.

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Have a plan
What expectations do you have? To some of us, it may be fighting a case all the way through to the end and being victorious at trial. To others, it might be getting your bills paid and settling the case for a fair amount. From my perspective, both are wins. Every case should be evaluated by a qualified attorney who concentrates their practice on auto accident cases. At that point, a plan of action can be made. The purpose of the plan is to win based upon your expectations. One thing to always remember is that the other side will also have a game plan, whether it is an opposing team or the insurance company.
Know the steps you should take after an accident
To have a successful outcome and win your case, you must be aware of the journey you are about to go through. Understanding the steps, the process and the objective of the insurance company is critical. This process begins the second you are in an accident. You are not aware of this but at this point in time you must be prepared to begin fighting. First, you must fight to heal, get better and to recover from your injuries. You must get the medical attention you need. This is only the first stage of your battle. Although getting medical attention is the most important thing to you, there will also be some emotional strains as well.

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Document your accident
You must also fight to prove your case. This must be done at the accident scene and every day of your recovery. This is accomplished by preserving the evidence in your case starting when the accident occurs. There is only one time you can take pictures of the cars while they are at the scene of the accident. That is immediately following the accident. Sometimes the final resting location of the vehicles will be critical in determining whose fault the accident was.

Semi, cab and bus companies
There are companies that have many cars or trucks on the road, like semi-trucks, cab and bus companies. These companies have a policy for dealing with accidents involving their vehicles. If one of their drivers is in accident, the driver must call the company first. This is before the police are called. Why? That way, the company can get their safety director to the location of the accident to evaluate the scene. The safety director will also try to calm the driver down, to think about what they should say to the police, to take pictures, etc.

There is only one time to document your accident, and it is critical that it is done immediately after the accident. You may not be able to do this if you are injured or in a dangerous situation because of traffic. Your safety comes first. However, if you are able, take pictures and get the names, addresses and phone numbers of potential witnesses and from those involved in the accident. Make sure that you are not putting yourself in danger to get this information. No one wants to be in an accident, but it’s important for you to have a plan of what you are going to do before one happens.