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No Fee Promise And Free Consultation

No Fee Promise We have a NO FEE PROMISE at The Schafer Law Office. This means you don’t pay anything unless we win or settle your case! Also, your first consultation is always free. This is our promise to you! Client satisfaction is very important to us. The Schafer Law Office wants you to have confidence in us so you know we are there to help you.

Information is key
At The Schafer Law Office, we believe that an informed client is a satisfied client. We can’t tell you what every attorney does, but we can tell you what we try to do for our clients. While each case is different, here is a list of some activities most clients can expect from us:

  • Keep you informed on the progress of you case.
  • Obtain all written records and documents that are needed to develop and support your claim. This includes but is not limited to: medical records, the police report and employment records.
  • Investigate the facts surrounding your accident case. We will obtain witness statements, photographs, diagrams and other physical evidence.
  • Review your car insurance policy to determine what coverage is available to you.
  • Review the medical records from your doctors and meet with them when necessary.
  • Analyze legal issues and advise on those issues as they arise in your case.
  • File the necessary forms with the at-fault insurance company and your insurance company, including PIP applications.
  • Contact and maintain contact with the insurance company about your claim to help ensure adequate reserves are set aside for the potential settlement of your claim.
  • We will help you respond to interrogatories sent by the defendant.
  • We will prepare you for your deposition.
  • Prepare you for a medical examination by the Defendant’s doctor, called an Independent Medical Exam.
  • Review your medical records and billings.
  • Review and analyze expert reports about your case.
  • Perform or participate in mock trials or focus groups to prepare you for trial when deemed necessary.
  • Try the case before a judge or jury.

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We are here for you. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (502) 584-9511. We will answer your questions about your case. Remember that your first consultation is FREE.