Infographic: Having A Lawyer Vs. Not Hiring One

People are injured in car accidents in Kentucky every day.  Many accident victims are taken advantage of by the insurance industry and the system. These statistics show that people who were injured in an accident and hired an attorney received a settlement of more than double those who did not hire an attorney. The failure to retain an attorney after an accident could have a major impact on the final result. There are common mistakes or potholes that people make when they have been injured in an accident that they do not realize they are making. There are easy ways to avoid these potholes to make sure that you maximize the value of your case. That way, you do not get hurt twice, like the insurance company taking advantage of you, and receive the compensation that you deserve. 

Kentucky Car Accident Statisitics Infographic

As a Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney, we receive calls on a daily basis from victims who have been injured in auto accidents in Kentucky. Many of those people have not followed these steps to protect their case. They have fallen into one of the many potholes that will make it more difficult to have a successful result in their case. We created this infographic to show the true facts and statistics about auto accidents.

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