2010-2011 American Lawyer Academy Viral Video Scholarship Contest Central Region Winner

Congratulations to the Central regional winner:

"Drive Safe for Your Family"


Who is now in the running for the national grand prize of a $10,000 scholarship or the second place prize of a $3,000 scholarship.



Videos were selected using the following scoring matrix: Public voting/Viral nature of the entries, including votes (65%), views (25%), and likes (10%), account for 30% of the final results. The remaining 70% is based on creativity and originality (25%), adherence to theme and inclusion of required elements (20%), entertainment value (15%), and video quality (10%).


National winners will be announced on June 1, 2011.



The Schafer Law Offices is proud to be the Central Regional sponsor for the American Lawyer Academy's 2010-2011 Viral Video Scholarship Contest. Click here for the official rules for the Central only. If your main residence is located in a different region please visit the website of the appropriate sponsor in your area.

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