Bicycle Safety Classes Designed To Prevent Accidents

As economic times are getting tighter, many people are hanging up their car keys and choosing to ride their bicycles. This not only saves gas, it is also a healthy alternative to driving. Now that the weather is getting warmer, there will be more cyclists on the road traveling to and from work, running small errands as well as recreational cyclists. Both cyclists and motorists need to remember that there are rules that pertain to both cyclists and motorists. By following these rules, traffic safety will improve.

Bike class
Bicycling for Louisville is an organization in Louisville. They want to improve road safety for both cyclists and motorists that. Through funding from the Bike Louisville program of Louisville Metro government, three different programs will help them do that. The classes will be taught by League Cycling Instructors that have been certified by League of American Cyclists. The classes will be offered at various times to accommodate different schedules. 

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The courses
Confident Cycling is a hands on course based on the Traffic Skills 101 curriculum of the League of American Bicyclists. It is designed to allow the bicyclist to become more comfortable riding with traffic. It is for experienced as well as casual bicyclists. Class duration is 10 hours divided into two or four sessions. Bring your bicycle (in good working order) and helmet and wear clothing suitable for a short ride.

Bicycling Safety is a similar class and is open to 16 to 18-year-olds with a parent or guardian. This class is two hours. Bring a helmet. Hint: About 90% of the bicycle helmets that we see worn around Louisville need adjustment! You don’t have to bring a bicycle.

Sharing the Road outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of bicyclists and motorists. This 45 minute program will tell you and help you avoid becoming a statistic. This will be a 30 minute presentation with time allowed for questions and answers. You do not need to bring anything to this class.

By knowing the traffic laws, having a helmet that fits properly and having a bicycle that is safe can all go a long way. Make sure you know the bicycle laws in your area and practice safe habits. This will make the roads a safer place for everyone.