Should I Reject Or Waive My Kentucky No-Fault Benefits?

In Kentucky, Basic Reparation Benefits (Personal Injury Protection or PIP) are part of the liability package unless No-Fault Insurance is formally rejected. You do have the option to reject your No-Fault Coverage. Your insurance company must inform you of this in writing. If you do choose to do this, your car accident case will not be controlled by the Kentucky No-Fault Statute but by Kentucky case law. This rejection must be done in writing and filed with the Office of Insurance.

There are additional benefits in the statute, such as how the medical bills are paid, how to appeal the denial of medical payments and penalties to the insurance company for wrongful denial of these payments. I cannot fully discuss those here. Never, under any circumstances or for any reason, reject your rights under the No-Fault Statute. Contact a KY personal injury attorney for more information.