Are Younger Children More Likely to Get Dog Bites in Summer?

Dog BiteDuring the summertime, it’s perfect to take your dog for a walk or let your children play with the dog outside. However, sometimes things happen and a bite may occur, either within the home or perhaps out at the park. If you have a child that is younger and may not be fully aware of their surroundings, make sure to supervise them so you know where and what they are doing.

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Dog bites in summer study
Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo spearheaded a study that suggests dog bites in younger children are more likely to occur during summer. In their study, they monitored children aged 10 months to 19-years-old and who received the most dog bites. Out of the 84 kids, about half of those injured were 4-years-old or younger. The average age to receive a dog bite was six. It was also found that pit bulls, among all dog breeds, were the most commonly involved. “Children are likely victims of dog bites because they are small. They don’t have a good grasp on what is dangerous,” stated Dr. Philomena M. Behar of the research team.

Safety tips for dog owners and kids
To owners, dogs are more than friends. They are family. Do not let your dog be involved in any dog bite incident case. Look after them. Here are few other safety tips:

  • Educate kids – They should be aware of the proper response to vicious dogs running around them. Remind them to stand still and not run or walk fast. This will only cause the dogs to chase after them. Teach your kids how to handle and pet animals. Tell them that they shouldn’t pull on a dog’s ears or tail. They should also leave a dog who is sleeping or eating alone.
  • Be careful petting other dogs – Kids adore dogs as much as adults do. They love to touch, talk and play with them. This can be dangerous for them, especially if the dog is territorial. Teach your kids to be careful when petting other dogs that aren’t their own.
  • Supervise kids and dogs – Do not let your children play with dogs without someone watching them. A dog bite can happen at any time and come from even a familiar dog. Compromise by saying you need to be there to ensure that the dog doesn’t hurt anyone.

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As a Kentucky Dog Bite Accident Attorney, I would like to remind owners that they are liable for their dogs. You don’t want your pet to get involved in any trouble, especially if they hurt someone. Train your dog so they have a positive view on humans, especially kids. This will help decrease the chances of an attack or bite.

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