Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against Teenage Drivers

A civil case including wrongful death against a Highland Park teen driver has been settled for an undisclosed amount. The claim alleges that Carly Rousso, who was 18 at the time of the accident, inhaled dangerous chemicals from a computer cleaning product (huffing), before striking a family with a car and killing a 5-year-old girl on May 1, 2012. According to court records, the settlement was done May 7, and the settlement check for lawsuit was made payable to the parents of the victim, Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento, and to Baizer Kolar and Lewis, the law office for their attorney, Robert Baizer.

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Another teen accident
Likewise, wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against a Lubbock teenage driver after driving drunk, running a red light and causing a fatal six-vehicle crash on April 29, 2013. Jessica Traylor, 17, is now facing a $1 million lawsuit for negligence and failing to operate her vehicle in a safe manner. Another $15 million lawsuit, together with her father and the owner of the apartment complex where she allegedly consumed alcohol, for negligence and allowing alcohol to be served to a minor on their property. These cases are disheartening as they show how teenagers became negligent and irresponsible while driving.

Drunk driving survey
In a recent survey conducted by Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and insurance company Liberty Mutual, almost a quarter of teens, or 23%, admitted they have driven under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs. The survey revealed that 11% of teens admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the summer in general, 8% on July 4th, 6% on prom night and 5% on graduation celebration. The survey, which included 1,708 11th- and 12th-graders, found out that teens are more likely to drink when they are not supervised.

The role of parents
Such findings is a great reminder to all parents about their role in keeping their teens safe and responsible while driving. Parents can help prevent their teens from causing accidents by being role models, teaching their kids proper driving techniques and reminding them to be responsible drivers. If parents fail to perform their job, their teens may become more vulnerable to accidents and worse, to wrongful death lawsuits. Once a wrongful death lawsuit is filed, teen drivers can be held financially liable for the offense they have committed. Their parents may also be held responsible, especially when they know that their children are likely to cause an accident, and do not prevent or stop it from happening.

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In Kentucky, one should file a wrongful death claim from the date that a personal representative is appointed. Otherwise, it is waived and lost forever. Time is of the essence. That is why it is so important to seek immediate help from a Kentucky wrongful death and fatal accident attorney.

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