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Would You Ride In A Driverless Car?

Car Accident In May 2014, Google shared news that they had been working on new software to enable their self-driving cars do a better job of city driving. The lead test driver for Google’s self-driving car, Brian Torcellini, says they’re all about safety. In an article published by USA Today, technology reporter Marco della Cava got the chance to experience the driverless ride for himself. He said it was like have a grandparent drive you around.

Self-driving cars on Kentucky roads
In a few years from now or perhaps even sooner than that, we’ll probably see these cars on Kentucky roads, too. I’m curious about the actual experience. It must be cool to be in a car and not have to worry about driving. When they release these cars to the public, they could really cut down on auto accidents.


Even though Google is working on perfecting its driverless car, nothing changes the fact that we, human drivers, still remain the most important safety instrument in vehicles. Since we don’t have a computer that can drive our cars for us yet, we need to drive responsibly and be aware of other drivers.


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According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, 638 highway fatalities were recorded in Kentucky in 2013. Of those deaths, 438 individuals were motor vehicle passengers. It was also found that 177 motor vehicle passengers died during nighttime hours. These figures are alarming and need to be taken seriously.

As a Kentucky Car Accident Attorney, I feel that self-driving cars could improve road safety and maybe even decrease auto accidents. However, I’d like to see more test drives with the car before I get in one. It’s also important to remember that we are still responsible for our safety. So, let’s drive safe and practice safe driving habits.


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