What Is A Bulging Disk?

Bulging disks usually occur in the lower part of the back. The condition involves a disk that bulges through an opening in the spine. Occasionally, bulging disks can affect the neck. Disks serve as a cushion for the vertebrae of the spine and are made of a soft gel-like material. Sometimes a bulging disk is from aging, but they can also be caused by an accident. The disk can shift out of its normal spot and can cause pain.

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Bulging disks versus Herniated disks
Bulging disks usually develop over time, while a herniated disk is the result of an injury to the spine. There is usually no pain associated with a bulging disk unless it becomes herniated, comes in contact with a nerve root or ruptures. Since a bulging disk doesn’t usually cause pain, it often goes unnoticed and untreated. If you feel radiating pain from your neck to your shoulders and down through your arms, that may be a sign that a nerve in the neck is pinched. If you feel radiating pain through your legs, that may indicate a nerve in your lower back is pinched. However, it can usually be detected through routine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests.

How do you treat a bulging disk?
The good news is that the treatment of a bulging disk is generally conservative. The treatment may involve rest and lifting restrictions, ice or heat therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. If pain is involved, medication may be prescribed depending on the severity of your pain. Occasionally back surgery may be needed to relieve severe pain.

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