Uber’s Self-Driving Vehicles Roll Out to Public

Self-Driving CarsUber’s Self-Driving Vehicles Roll Out to Public

Self-driving Ubers are now a reality. The online transportation network company recently announced that the world’s first self-driving Ubers have been rolled out in Pittsburgh.

The launch of self-driving vehicles is in line with Uber’s mission and goal to improve society. With the rising number of traffic accidents, self-driving Ubers are believed to help reduce the figures.

Uber’s fleet in the Steel City consists of Ford Fusion cars equipped with 3D cameras, global positioning systems, and a technology known as lidar. The latter uses lasers to assess the distance and shape of objects, which is placed to the vehicle’s roof. To start, there will be four-self driving vehicles available to passengers and two persons will sit in the front to take charge of driving in case the car cannot steer itself.

Are we ready for driverless vehicles?

Uber isn’t the first to invest on self-driving cars. There’s Apple, BMW, Google, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, and Tesla. These companies have been developing and offering autonomous features for vehicles. And yes, we’ve seen that this technology has had ups and downs.

Last February, one of Google’s self-driving cars caused a crash. Its self-driving Lexus SUV struck the side of a public bus. The low-speed collision happened in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View. It was found out that the vehicle edged into the path of the bus that was rolling by at about 15mph.

Also, a tragic incident happened in May when a Tesla driver died in a crash with Autopilot active. The accident happened in Williston, Florida after Joshua Brown, put his Model S into Tesla’s autopilot mode. The latter controls the vehicle during highway driving.  According to Tesla’s official statement, the car’s sensors system failed to distinguish a large white 18-wheel truck and trailer crossing the highway, so the brake was not applied.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I am aware that the self-driving car era is arriving fast. The race for self-autonomous car is speeding up and automakers are forming alliances and partnerships to stay ahead of the competition. While everyone is doing something to further advancements in this automotive technology, we should not forget what it means how to be safe on the road, from wearing seatbelts to driving sober. Autonomous driving may be the future but we must face the fact that liabilities are still possible. When an autonomous vehicle crashes, the question arises as to who is responsible for the crash – is it technology or human error?

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