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Top Five Phone Contacts Can Help Stop Texting While Driving

Did you know the top five people you communicate with the most while on your phone can also help reduce distracted driving? According to a study by AT&T, 80% of drivers are willing to stop or reduce using their phone if one of their top contacts asks them to stop. Another 70% of people surveyed stated they would download an app to help them control phone usage behind the wheel. That’s a huge step in the right direction to end distracted driving!

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Kentucky distracted driving facts
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that distractions are the leading cause of most crashes. In Kentucky, 196 people were killed while 14,000 people were injured in 2014 due to distracted driving-related crashes. Distracted driving can kill. First, it takes your eyes off the road. You may also take your hands off the steering wheel at the same time. Since your mind is not focused on driving, it will be hard for you to react to any sudden events on the road.

Staying safe on roads
Apart from texting, other activities that are distracting include: the Internet, checking email or taking photos. Whether you want to post online or respond to a text, please put your phone away. Your life and the life of other people is too important for you to risk it to post, respond or take a selfie.

What if I need to respond?
If you must respond or use your phone, pull over into a safe area first. Respond to their message and inform them that you’re driving and will get back with them later. If the other person knows you are driving, they’ll understand that you wouldn’t be able to talk to them until you have reached your destination. Remember that even when you’re not the one driving, it is possible to be contributing to distracted driving. If you know someone is driving, please don’t text or call them repeatedly. This will distracted them, and it could cause an accident.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I encourage you to not use your phone while driving and also to not distract people who are driving. Drivers should set their phone to the side so it won’t distract them. No post, text or call is worth a life. You can always use or check your phone later. You need to focus on your safety now.