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Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys

Scale It’s the most wonderful time of year again! We know one thing that unites everyone, or maybe cause division in some, is shopping. Everyone is scrambling to get the best gift for their loved ones. This should be something fun. It is a magical time for all of us, right? Unfortunately, it seems every year we hear stories of how children are hurt and sometimes killed in accidents while playing with toys that are bought as gifts for Christmas. While toys and other products are safe, some should be handled with caution. That being said, we are going to countdown our top 10 most dangerous toys.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys
According to statistics, these toys are more prone to cause injuries if not used correctly. These include:

10) Yo-Yo – Yo-yo’s have been around a long time and in the wrong hands can always be a danger. The strings are easily tangled. Should someone start swinging it around fast enough, a yo-yo could leave some serious impact injuries.

9) Dora the Explorer Backpacks – Dora Backpacks are known to have high Phthalate levels. High amounts of Phthalate can change how the muscle cells of your heart function. This could potentially leave them more susceptible to injury from heart attacks while also disrupting how cardiac cells communicate and work together. This is more of a long-term impact.

8) Explore & Learn Helicopter – This can be a cute toy but has the potential to be a strangulation hazard. It has some smaller parts that could be a choking hazard as well.

7) Easy Bake Ovens – Easy Bake Ovens are another product that’s been around a long time. It has also had its fair share of accidents as well. Easy Bake Ovens sometimes lead to burn wounds in some children who aren’t careful. It also has some small accessories that can be choking hazards.

6) Bean Bag Chairs – While you wouldn’t think this is dangerous, in 2012, there was a story of a little girl who suffocated in a bean bag chair while playing in it. It’s a very sad and tragic story. Not all bean bag chairs are safe for little children. They sink and are made of vinyl which can be hard for children to maneuver in.

5) Snake Eyes – Snake Eyes is a popular toy that has become notorious for ingestion hazards and has been on many lists for not being safe.

4) Water Balloon Launcher – The water balloon launcher is a fun gift for older kids when used properly and in the right hands. However, it can also get out of hand quickly and leave opportunity for facial and impact injuries. Be wise when purchasing this as a gift.

3) Pullback Dragster Cars – Pullback dragster cars, like any small toy car, is a possible choking hazard that has unfortunately caused several injuries. The other problem with this toy is the labels have been known to be too small to read.

2) Avengers Hulk Fist – While the Avengers is a great movie and the Avengers Hulk Fists can be a great gift to a young fan, these can cause some serious harm. In the wrong hands or emotions, these can be fists of fury and hurt someone.

1) Inflatable Bouncers – The rate of injuries to children on inflatable bouncers increased fifteen fold from 1995 to 2010. The rate of fractures, sprains and strains in child accidents has increased dramatically because of inflatable bouncers. Kids love inflatable bouncers, and they are a lot of fun. However, please be careful as these can be very dangerous.

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As a Kentucky Child Accident Attorney, I want to remind everyone to check the labels on toys for you buy them. Pay close attention to the age requirements on game and toys. We hope everyone has a safe, blessed holiday season.

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