Tips To Help Emergency Vehicles Get To Accidents Faster

Car AccidentWhile emergency vehicle drivers do their best to reach their destination safely, they’re under a time limit. Their goal is to get to the scene on time and other motorists should make room for them to get through. Every moment wasted in traffic may be the difference between life and death.

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How you can help emergency vehicles when in traffic
The biggest challenge for emergency vehicles is how they should deal with motorists whose initial reaction is fear and confusion. Some, even with the intent to help, stop and get in the emergence vehicle’s way. Other drivers just do not care; they keep their place no matter what and don’t move over for the emergency vehicle. To help emergency service providers get to their destination faster, take note of these rules:

  • Emergency vehicles usually come in groups. You may see a police car, followed by an ambulance and then a fire truck. When you see one, stay calm. Make sure to turn down your radio so you can pay close attention to what’s happening around you.
  • Even when you cannot see the emergency vehicle from where you are, take the initiative to do what should be done once you hear siren. Observe what other vehicles are doing so you will have an idea of the next step to take – whether you should pull over or slow down for instance.
  • Be extra alert. Once you see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights, make sure to check your sides and the road in front of you. Try to anticipate where the emergency vehicle will be going. Stay where you are even when the first vehicle has already passed. Make sure there are no more emergency vehicles approaching before you go start driving again.
  • Never overtake, follow or outrun an emergency vehicle.
  • Do not stop abruptly or slam on your brakes. Otherwise, you might block the road or cause an accident. Instead, look ahead for an area where you can pull over safely.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I would like to remind all drivers that it’s our duty to move over for emergency vehicles. During emergency situations, we know that lives are at risk. That’s why it’s important to be aware of our surroundings when driving. After all, we never know when we may need the same kind of response from other drivers.

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