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Tips For How To Prepare For The Ohio Bridge Projects

Kentucky motorists expect busy roads as the Ohio River Bridges project begins. This project involves building a new I-65 bridge over the Ohio River and is one of the largest public work projects, not just in Kentucky, but in the country. Kentucky and Indiana are working together on this construction giant.

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The Ohio River Bridges project
When completed, the Ohio River Bridges will significantly improve traffic flow. The project is also said to support over 4,000 jobs and will generate more than 15,000 jobs over the next 30 years. Unfortunately, in order to build these new bridges, some roads will be closed during the construction. However, never fear! Here are some simple tips to help you prepare for the detours ahead:

  • For our sake, we’ll try to stay updated with the developments in the project. You never know when another road you are using will be temporarily closed, and we need to be informed so we can make necessary adjustments.
  • Try to plan ahead. I-65 south is already notorious for being busy, and it’s going to be even busier with the ongoing construction. The project is set to be completed in 2016. That means we will have to endure major traffic changes until then.
  • It may not be a bad idea to find alternate routes. These routes may be longer, but if you can keep moving, you’ll be able to reach your destination faster. This may also decrease road rage. We know how traffic can prompt a driver to lose patience and feel irritable. Bumping into another driver that is also in a bad mood can start a heated discussion fast. However, if we try to stay informed about the construction, plan ahead and have alternate routes; hopefully we won’t get as irritated as quickly. Having an accident, even a minor one, is not a great way to start a work day, or any day for that matter.
  • Another suggestion to consider is going to work after peak hours or staying a little later if possible.

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It can be frustrating when your daily commutes are compromised, and you have to make changes on your routine. However, letting rage rule won’t do us any good. So, for the meantime, we’ll develop a plan and try to avoid stressful situations. The new bridges will be worth it when they’re done.

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