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Tesla Updates Model S Electric Car

Car Accident Electric vehicle manufacturer Telsa has recently announced updates to its Model S electric car. This update could result to an earlier release of a self-driving system. If you’re wondering what this software update is about, CEO Elon Musk explains that this will allow Tesla cars to keep track of the closest charging stations. This is in real time, and it will also warn drivers if they’re going outside the range of charging stations.

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Their goal
Musk says their goal is to steer clear of the anxiety about looking for a place where you can recharge your electric car. Eventually, model S sedans will also be joining the race to self-driving cars. They’re currently testing a system that carries an automatic steering feature.

What motorists say
While car manufacturers are busy making the cars of the future, motorists are divided on their opinion about this technology. Insurance.com conducted a study to find out whether American motorists are likely to consider or buy self-driving cars. The result revealed that nearly 60% of the 2,000 licensed drivers who participated in the survey do not believe that autonomous vehicle computer systems could match decision-making of human drivers. To add to that, 75% were reluctant to allow a driverless car to drive their kids to school.

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Car manufacturers’ goal
The goal of car manufacturers is to reduce car accidents and road fatalities in the future. However, since self-driving cars are yet to be actually released in the market, we still have to wait to see how things turn out. In fact, in another survey for the Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, it was found that autonomous experts see legal and regulatory issues as the biggest obstacles to mass production of autonomous cars.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I also want roads to become safer for everyone, including pedestrians. There’s no holding back car manufacturers from developing self-driving cars, but motorists have the option to buy it or not. Today, most drivers don’t seem ready for self-driving cars, yet.

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