Taking Senior’s Vehicles Can Kill Their Social Life

Seniors Giving Up Driving May See Less Social Activities

When elders give up driving, they may also see their social well-being decline, a recent study suggests. The study looked at driving habits and social activities of over 4,300 adults ages 65 and above. It was found that those with vehicles are more likely to be out with their peers than those who don’t drive. Also, participation in social activities decreased after elders lost the ability to drive, matching those who never drove at all.

Health May Be Compromised

According to the research, older adults who continue to enjoy social life tend to be healthier. For them to sustain this lifestyle, transportation mobility is often crucial. Senior drivers are found to be over three times more likely to join in social outings. They are also more than twice as likely to participate in religious activities or any organized group activities.

Assisting Elders with Transportation Alternatives

Your elderly loved ones don’t need to stop joining social activities just because they’ve given up driving. Here are a few suggestions that can help them continue enjoying going out and being with people they love.

  • Arrange for a private driver. The only thing you need to make sure is that the driver is reliable and responsible. It doesn’t have to be someone you hire, you can seek help from loved ones or friends to take turns bringing the older adults to their destination and also driving them back home.
  • Look into ride sharing options. Neighbors, friends, and family members may share a ride with older adults. This way, they can catch up with people close to their heart even during the commute. They might want to go to the same place or around the same area you’re heading to and it never hurts to ask and reach out.
  • Check out public means of transportation. If the older adults are still able to travel on their own and if public means of transportation are easily accessible, this is another way they can get from one place to another without having to drive.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I say that age alone is never an enough indicator whether a person needs to quit driving. Your elderly loved ones may need your help more during this time in their lives. In the event they decide to give up the keys, be there for them to ensure them that they can still go out, relax, and have fun with their peers.

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