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Staying Safe On Busy Kentucky Roads

Car Accident Kentucky roads and highways are busy during holidays and long weekends. This past Labor Day was a perfect example of just how busy roads can get in the area. Motorists have to be careful and watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians. Drivers also should allow more time to get to their destination because traffic could be heavy. This can be irritating, especially on long road trips, but please remember to stay calm.

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Road rage and alcohol accidents
Aggressive drivers and road rage can occur during a road trip. You need to know how to properly deal with these situations. If you start to get irritated because another car is trying to pass you or because of another car’s behavior, it’s a good idea to pull over at the next rest area and take a break. You could also have someone else in the car drive, if possible. It’s important to stay calm while driving and not get irritated because that could cause an accident.

In 2014, over 4,300 alcohol-related crashes were recorded during this time period last year. Of the 4,300 crashes, 297 were left injured while 14 were killed. The National Highways Traffic Safety Administration stated that one person dies due to drunk driving every 52 minutes, but the rate increases to every 34 minutes during Labor Day.

The Kentucky State Police and local law enforcement officials hope to see this numbers go down as the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign ends. Let’s see how the traffic reports go. I hope everyone will continue to cooperate with our goal to make roads safe.

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Safe driving everyday
Here are three useful safety tips for when you’re setting out on Kentucky road ways or highways:

  • Be polite. Busy roads test people’s patience. Deal with everyone you run into politely. Try not to get mad, stay calm and smile.
  • Make sure your car is in good shape. If your car breaks down on a highway, this not only puts you and your passengers at risk, it is also an inconvenience to everyone, especially on congested roads. Before you go on a long trip, make sure to do a maintenance check on your vehicle.
  • Never drink and drive. Driving is an activity that requires your full attention. When you’re drunk, your ability to think clearly is affected. Make a choice: drink and have someone else drive or don’t drink and drive. It can never be both.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I would like to personally congratulate diligent Kentucky drivers. We all need to care about our driving habits because one way or another it’s for the safety of everyone.  While you’re driving, imagine vehicles around you are carrying passengers that you know or are close to you. You’d want to make sure that they reach their destination safely. Well, we all do. It’s a team effort. Whether it’s a holiday or not, let’s always drive safely, no matter what!

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