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State Of Emergency In Kentucky: Winter Driving Tips To Know

car accident The first major snowstorm of the season hit Louisville on Monday, February 16, 2015. As a result, roads were buried, schools were closed and flights were cancelled. Recently, Gov. Steve Beshear declared a state of emergency in Kentucky. He asked residents to stay off the roads so that crews could treat them. States of emergency were also declared in Clark and Floyd Counties in Southern Indiana. Likewise, states of emergency were declared from Mississippi to the District of Columbia.


  • Vehicle accidents increased sixfold during the day.
  • Schools including Jefferson, Bullitt and Oldham County were closed.
  • Many districts in Indiana including: Greater Clark, West Clark, Clarksville and New Albany-Floyd County were closed.

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Road safety
If the roads are bad, please don’t drive on them. It’s best to avoid travel or postpone your travel plans. The cold temperature makes travel dangerous. Stay off the roads until the road and weather conditions improve. It is forecasted that the cold temperatures will get worse on Thursday and Friday morning, when wind chills as low as -17 and -27 degrees. In case you have to travel, here are some driving tips and things you can do to remain safe:

  • Check your gas tank and battery.
  • If you get stuck on the road, turn on your car every so often to keep it warm. This is to prevent carbon monoxide from building up inside.
  • Make sure you pack blankets, a pair of gloves, a cell phone charger and other survival gear.
  • Prepare your safety kit that includes: flares, deicers for your windshield, ice scrapers and extra dose of your medication.
  • Bring a brightly colored material that you can tie onto the antenna or at the top of a rolled up window as a signal if you are in distress.
  • Make sure that there’s someone who knows exactly where you are going, what route you are taking or how long it will take you to get there.

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Nina Moseley, chief operating officer with Wayside Christian Mission, asked the public to call (502) 584-3711 if they see someone sleeping in a car. This will prompt volunteers or staff to check on those people.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I am aware of the risks and dangers of winter driving. That’s why it’s best to stay home with your family. However, if you must brave the snowy roads, make sure that you are prepared and consider the safety tips above.

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