Speeding Among Factors In Car Crash Killing Paul Walker

Car AccidentThe Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker and his long-time business partner and friend Roger Rodas died in a fiery car crash on Saturday, November 30, 2013. The two got in a Porsche GT to head back to LA after throwing a charity car show event to benefit survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The car struck one of the trees lining the street and a concrete lamp post, then burst into flames. Security footage showed approaching cars forced to stop as the explosion sent thick black smoke into the air.

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More on Walker’s accident
Authorities were not sure what caused the crash but speeding was cited as among the factors during the initial reports. It’s also been noted, there may have been mechanical failure of the Porsche GT itself that also contributed to the fatal car accident. The Rye Canyon area where the explosive car crash took place is known for high-powered driving and speed racing according to California Highway Patrol Sgt. Rick Miller. It attracts car enthusiasts for its relatively remote location. Santa Clarita city officials, on the other hand, said that the speed limit in the site was increased to 45 mph from 35 mph in 2012 as part of a regular five-year traffic survey.

Rodas, a well-known car racer, owns a custom car shop called Always Evolving (AE) where the fundraiser event was held. He also co-owns an auto racing team with Walker and competed in 10 Pirelli World Challenge GTS races in 2013. Of course, Paul Walker is known for starring in The Fast and the Furious movies, which is all about dangerous driving.

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Driving tips
These two are knowledgeable drivers and this shows that anyone, even expert drivers, can get involved in terrible accidents. We should always take safe driving seriously, especially during school and holiday seasons. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Focus on the road. Never let your attention wander. Don’t respond to messages or calls until you’ve reached your destination. Even when the traffic light is red, keep your full attention on your driving.
  • Speed limits. Note that speed limits are designed to protect you. This law is for drivers to be notified of the safe speed to follow in a particular road. Also, speeding increases your chances of receiving a speeding ticket or worse hitting another car.
  • Don’t Speed. Not speeding allows you relax while driving. It helps reduce anxiety levels and help keep you safe.

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