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Six Of Twelve Small Cars Performed Well In Front Crash Test

car accident In 2013, owning a smaller car was the new thing. A lot of people were downsizing their car. Why, you ask? Some downsized because smaller cars typically got better fuel mileage. Others downsized because they just think small cars are cute.

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Are smaller car dangerous in crashes?
While smaller cars tend to have better fuel mileage, many people wonder if they are safe. In a crash test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, half of the 12 compact and subcompact cars tested didn’t do too well. The other half did very well. However, this doesn’t mean that small cars are dangerous and shouldn’t be driven. In fact, many small cars perform better in other test areas. For instance, smaller cars have a lower rollover rate than larger vehicles. This is because small cars have a low center of gravity and are less likely to rollover when making a sharp turn.

Now, when it comes to crashes, smaller cars don’t fare as well as larger vehicles. It’s no secret that smaller cars sit closer to the ground. That characteristic is good to reduce rollovers, but it’s not so good at reducing injuries in an accident. Since smaller cars are lower to the ground, the driver’s head is likely to line up with an SUV or other large vehicle’s bumper. This can cause serious injuries. With that said, new small model cars are still safe for you to own. They come with more safety features and devices that will help drivers of smaller vehicles stay safe.

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Small car safety tests
Safety is so important in small cars. That’s why safety tests are conducted. In these tests, two and four door Honda Civics were tested “good,” where the Dodge Dart, Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra were ranked as “acceptable.” The Chevrolet Cruz, Sonic and the Volkswagen Beetle were rated as “margin.” Nissan Sentra, Kia Soul and the 2014 Kia Forte were rated “poor.” David Zuby, institute chief stated, “Manufactures need to focus on the whole package. That means a strong occupant compartment that resists the kinds of intrusions we see in a frontal crash like this, safety belts that prevent a driver from going too far forward and side airbags to reduce the risk of hitting the dashboard or window frame.”

What car manufacturers had to say
Not everyone is happy about the rankings that have come out. Kia stated that the tests were extreme and their cars were top safety picks in other tests. GM said that because of their ranking, they are going back and making their cars safer. That’s great because that was the reason that this test was conducted.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I know that owning a safe, affordable car is important. That’s why you need to do research before you buy a car, whether it’s used or new. This will help you find the car that’s the right size, safe and price for your budget. You should also be aware of car recalls and a car’s history report if it’s a used car. You don’t want to buy a car that has faulty parts or that has been in an accident. If you do your research, you will find the right car for you.

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