Signs Of Mental Injuries Following A Car Accident

Mental InjuriesOver 6 million road accidents take place in United States annually. If you’ve been in one, then you know it can be very emotional. You may even be shocked that the accident had even happened. “Shock” is a medical term that refers to tissues and organs in the body that receive an insufficient flow of blood. The imbalance of the oxygen supply can cause waste products to build up, hence damaging the organs. This type of shock is called physiological shock and can lead to a coma, collapse or in worse cases, death, especially when not treated immediately.

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Other types of shock and symptoms
Another type is the psychological shock, which occurs after an emotionally or physically agonizing incident. For example, one has endured a traumatic experience or received alarming news about their loved ones, which as a result, affects their state of mind. Psychological shock can leave you preoccupied with the event or news that triggered the shock. You may also experience difficulties handling everyday functions at work and home. Here are few symptoms:

  • Avoidance – The person withdraws from activities they would normally do.
  • Intrusion – The individual repeats the incident or news in their mind over and over again.
  • Angers quicker – The person gets angry easily.

Shock can be dangerous to an individual. If symptoms persist, they could develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Reaching out
If you know someone who is suffering from shock, these steps could make a difference:

  • Seek emergency services or a doctor quickly.
  • Loosen the person’s clothes.
  • Conduct first-aid treatment on wounds.
  • Check the person’s breathing. Administer CPR in case they’re having difficulties.

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Natural treatments are available to reduce symptoms of psychological shock and help with emotional recovery. Look into herbal or homeopathic remedies that offer relief for the shocked. Coordinate with a doctor for further assistance. As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I recommend that you get in touch with medical experts immediately. Shock can be treated, let’s help in any way we can.

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