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Seat Belts And School Buses

School Bus Should there be seat belts on school buses? Off the top of our heads, the answer is yes. Yet, they don’t have them. Seat belts are created to protect passengers. School buses, just like other types of vehicles, should have safety equipment installed in them, especially since buses are used by students to go back and forth from school. However, this issue is actually more complex than it seems.

School bus accident
On Monday, April 14, 2014, two Jefferson County Public School buses were involved in an accident on Cane Run Road. No injuries were reported, but students later complained of pain and were taken to a hospital for examination. This is only one example of an accident report involving local school buses.

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Seat belts on school buses
Going back to seat belts and buses. There are varying opinions on this matter. Bus drivers are concerned about the support they’re getting from school administration while safety groups are divided. Cost is another factor these parties are taking into consideration. Ther are six states, California, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York and Texas, that require seat belts on school buses. While we have yet to see Kentucky on this list, we should spearhead efforts in educating kids about safety measures on school buses.

School bus safety tips
Here are a few things to emphasize when talking to your kids about bus safety:

  • Listen to the bus driver. We have to understand that it is usually only the bus driver who is in charge of looking after the kids. So, they need to focus on both driving and the kids. Therefore, it is important that the kids cooperate.
  • Teach kids where the exits are and how they work in case of an emergency. Remind kids that it is important that they be able to escape to safety. Tell them that the windows, doors and the hatch on the ceiling are all ways to get out of a school bus.
  • Keep the aisles clear. Tell your kids to keep their belongings beside or under the seat they are in. If they leave items in the aisle, it creates a tripping hazard. By putting their belongings beside or under them, the aisle will stay clear for those exiting the bus.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I believe that buses are still one of the safest means of transportation for kids going to school. As parents, we should help educate our kids on bus safety. This will not only help the bus driver, but our kids as well. You could even have your kids share these tips with their school bus mates. Tell them to pass the safety tips they learned from you to their friends so they can protect each other.

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