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Prevent Distracted Driving Among Teen Drivers With Apps

By now, we have likely heard about vehicle accidents being triggered by distracted drivers. We should know better than to let distractions get the better of us. However, knowing better only works if we also take action. Kentucky drivers, let’s be good role models for young drivers and drive without distractions. One way we can do this, surprisingly, is through the use of technology.

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Apps to help reduce distracted driving
While technology is one of the leading causes of distraction, it also provides ways to help eliminate distracted driving. This is done through phone apps. Here are some of the apps that will help our young drivers, as well as us, stay focused on the road:

  • txtBlocker – promotes safe driving for everyone. This software helps you customize mobile phone controls so you can ensure that your family is protected from distracted driving.
  • Are you worried about your young driver being unable to resist the urge to immediately respond to calls and messages while driving? Well, Drive First, by Sprint and is available for free to Sprint customers, detects when you’re behind the wheel. It will send a text to people who have been trying to get in touch with you when you are driving the car.
  • Vehawk – allows parents to monitor real time driving habits, like acceleration, deceleration, texting, phone calls and trip distance, of their teens. It also notifies parents of violations that occur on the connected mobile device.
  • TeenSafer by Aegis Mobility – offers distracted driving solutions to families. It helps parents track driver behavior and notifications are sent to them when the driver exceeds configurable thresholds.

These apps are a wonderful way to help prevent distracted driving, but it’s also important to talk to your young driver and set clear rules for when they are driving. For instance, talk to them about carpool safety. It’s a great way to save on gas, but for a young driver, their friends can distract them from the road. That can be just as dangerous as texting them on the phone. Please take distracted driving seriously. Don’t wait for an accident to happen to you or a loved one before you take action to prevent it.

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