Obama Care and Medical Benefits For Your Kentucky Accident

ContractHow will President Obama’s health care plan affect the treatment you receive after an accident in Kentucky? President Obama discussed passing a health care reform on March 21, 2010 and touched on this subject. “The United States congress finally declare that America’s workers, that America’s families and that America’s small businesses deserve the security of knowing that here in this country neither illnesses nor accidents should endanger the dreams they’ve worked a lifetime to achieve,” the President said.

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The health care plan
The Obama health care plan would cost $950 billion over ten years and provide new insurance coverage for 32 million Americans. The health care bill would help older Americans pay for prescription drugs and prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to children based on pre-existing conditions. By 2014, most Americans will be required to purchase health insurance and help those uninsured and small businesses to have the option of choosing insurance plans. The bill greatly elaborates Medicaid and subsides to the poor. Insurance companies would not be able to place lifetime caps or deny coverage to patients based on pre-existing conditions.

How does this affect my treatment if I’m in an accident?
Kentucky’s no-fault or PIP statute pays for the first $10,000 of medical treatment. After these benefits are exhausted, many Kentucky car wreck victims cannot continue to get treatment or necessary surgery because they have no insurance. Under Obama’s healthcare reform plan, all American’s will have access to healthcare. This means that Kentucky accident victims will be able to receive treatment after the benefits from their PIP are exhausted. This will help those who are suffering because they will be able to get treatment or surgery. Accident victims will not have to rely on the whims of the at-fault car insurance adjuster or the red tape of free clinics.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I am holding on to what our President emphasizes. He said that “we proved that we are still a people capable of doing big things. We proved that this government – a government of the people and by the people – still works for the people.” Hopefully, with Obama’s health care law, Kentucky accident victims will receive the treatment they need to recover from injuries sustained in accidents.

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