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Most Dangerous Intersections are in Louisville and Lexington

KSP Says Most Dangerous Intersections are in Louisville, Lexington

The Kentucky State Police (KSP) revealed that the most dangerous intersections in Kentucky are in Louisville and Lexington. An intersection in Louisville along Bardstown Road ranked first in the state for fatal crashes and the intersection of West Loudon and North Broadway in Lexington ranked second.

Over the past three years, there were six fatal crashes at West Loudon on North Boardway. And as the year started, the KSP reported that there have been 21 fatalities on state highways so far.

In April 2016, one man was killed in a motorcycle crash at Bardstown Road and Hurstbourne Parkway. According to Louisville Metro Police spokesperson Alicia Smiley, the man was traveling southbound on Bardstown Road at a high speed, and suddenly lost control of his vehicle, crossed over the center median, and got separated from his bike.

In a separate incident, another cyclist also died in Bardstown Road when he was trying to change lanes on his bike after getting struck in the head by the side view mirror of a Metro Sewer District truck.

Also, last June 15 2016, Bardstown Road was closed after a deadly crash involving three vehicles. The incident happened around 9 a.m., but it was reopened to traffic around 12:30 p.m.

More incidents happened in October 2016, including power outage after a TARC bus struck a utility pole on Bardstown Road and a two-car accident injuring three people.

Safety Tips When Driving at Intersections

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I have always believed in that every crash is preventable. Now that we are aware of the intersections with the highest collision rates, we need to be more careful and cautious. I urge all drivers to pay more attention when driving at intersections. If you are approaching the intersection and the light is green, it is recommended to slow down slightly and check the cross streets for vehicles that are not stopping for their red light. Or if the light turns yellow, it’s better to bring your car to stop before the light turns red rather than driving through it. And at red light, stop and wait for the green light to show again, but don’t get too excited as you see it. The flashing green might be for the turning lane. And of course, always watch out for pedestrians.

Today, as we still experience winter, be reminded that intersections are areas where ice is most likely to form first; thus, becoming more slippery. Be cautious of drifting snow and blind intersections from high snow drifts.

And if you are a cyclist who frequently bikes on Bardstown Road, you have to be extra careful when you travel on it. It is sad to say but Kentucky is not bike-friendly, it ranked 48th out of 50 on a survey. I hope this does not encourage bicyclists from doing their hobby, but until are roads are bike-friendly, we have to be smarter on the road.

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