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Merging The Right Way On Kentucky Roads

car accident One common mistake that Kentucky drivers make is merging onto roads and highways incorrectly. Too many times I have witnessed motorists trying to merge on a congested road and suddenly making a stop, which can also be dangerous. Merging lanes may sound simple, but a single wrong move can cause accidents.

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How to merge into traffic
While this may seem like common sense, merging can be difficult. If people took it more seriously, it would not only prevent accidents, but it could also help traffic flow more smoothly. Here are some merging tips:

  • Go at the same speed as the traffic you are merging. I’ve seen drivers in Kentucky who try to slow down or speed whenever the ramp merges with the highway. This can be dangerous because those cars coming up behind you may hit you from behind. Flowing with traffic is important here, but, of course, always take precaution.
  • For your safety, expect that drivers will not always be going the correct speed. Not everyone will merge correctly, either. Given that premise, it’s not a bad idea for you to maintain a gap from other cars around you. Traffic may suddenly slow down or stop and you want to have enough time to respond. Keeping a safe distance will help you avoid collisions while merging.
  • Make sure that your turn signal is on so other drivers are aware that you are merging. Before you merge, check the internal rear view mirror first then check your side mirrors to ensure that no car is traveling in your blind spots. After that, look into the merge lane right in front of you to see whether a driver has stopped or perhaps slowed down.
  • Calculate whether there is room for you to merge onto the highway or lane. In case the space is insufficient, then you might have to adjust your speed a little. Once you see there’s enough room for you, merge into the lane. Just make sure to gradually increase your speed to flow with the traffic you are merging into. This part is crucial! Always be cautious, though, because maintaining speed is important.
  • Note that those vehicles that are already on the highway hold the right-of-way. Respect that and you will get your turn to merge. Squeezing yourself in may only cause accidents. It could also create road rage. Again, this is why it’s important to match your speed with traffic quickly. With that, never attempt to pass those vehicles trying to merge in front of you. Wait until they secure a lane position before you try to pass them.

As a Louisville Car Accident Attorney, I would like to stress the importance of staying patient when merging lanes. While it’s irritating when other drivers don’t let you into the lane you need to be in, remember that road rage is also dangerous. Try to stay calm and merge safely, everyone.

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