Louisville’s Bike-Sharing Program To Roll Out Soon

Soon, you may be able to pedal your way to your next destination without hauling your own bike from home. Around 40 U.S. cities, including the neighboring Indianapolis, have already established bike-sharing programs. Now Louisville is next in line.

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Louisville bike-sharing program
After months of preparation, the Metro Louisville officials are drawing closer to kicking off a bike-sharing program. The program allows consumers to borrow bicycles for relatively short periods and gives them the flexibility to return the unit in any bike station within the system’s service area. These stations will be spread across downtown and south through Old Louisville to the University of Louisville’s Belknap Campus. Prices are estimated to be $3 for 30 minutes or less, or $7 for unlimited trips totaling no more than 60 minutes within a 24-hour period. To address any theft concerns, consumers are to use their credit or debit card to unlock a bike from the racks. Their credit card information will then be stored. If the bike is stolen, the consumer will be charged for the replacement bike in the event that they fail to return the bike.

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Louisville has CycleHop overseeing the operations of the bike-sharing program. To cover for the necessary development funds, the city plans to use $1 million of federal grants, $250,000 from a city bond issue and $70,000 from the University of Louisville. Louisville officials may also seek sponsors and offer ad placement opportunities, too.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I appreciate the initiative of offering a fun and healthy commuting alternative. We’ll have to see how the people of Louisville respond to this project. How about you, do you think this bike-sharing program will be a success? Share us your thoughts.

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