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Kentucky To Require Ignition Interlocks With New Law

We might see more ignition interlock devices in action soon. According to Kentucky transportation officials, the state is very close to finalizing regulations that will require drunk drivers to install ignition interlocks in their cars. The ignition interlock license will be part of the consequences for repeat offenders or first offenders with aggravating circumstances such as having a child in tow during the incident. Court officials believe that passing the law will help stop repeat drunk driving arrests. Kentucky is one of the 24 states that have passed laws to use ignition interlock devices.

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DUI statistics in Kentucky
According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), drunk driving-related deaths reached a total of 167, or 26.2%, of all total traffic deaths in 2014. This is 1.2% lower than in 2013, although it’s still high since one death is too many. Also, a total of 2,339 alcohol-related crash injuries were recorded along with the 4,529 alcohol-related crashes. The number of DUI arrests was 24,160 while DUI convictions reached a total of 24,764.

How the ignition interlock system works
An ignition interlock is installed in a vehicle’s ignition. It’s comparable to a breathalyzer as the driver has to breathe into the device before the engine can be started. If the device detects alcohol in your breath, the engine will not start. Even as you drive, you will be required to provide breath samples periodically. This is to ensure that there’s no alcohol in your system while you’re behind the wheel.

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Know your limits
The only way a person can avoid the consequences of driving under the influence is by always driving sober, no matter what. If you don’t know your limits, please avoid going to events with a lot of alcohol. Alcohol is fine in moderation, but you should never drink and drive. It’s dangerous! Once again, please know your limits and drink responsibly.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I encourage you to designate a driver if you’re going to an event and are likely to drink. When you’re drunk, chances are you’ll not be able to think straight and your judgement is impaired. It’s best to arrange for a cab or a family member or friend to take you home from the event. Many say that the ignition interlock is more powerful than seat belts in saving lives. What do you think?