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Kentucky Leaders Urge Drivers to Pay Attention

Kentucky Leaders Urge Drivers to Pay Attention

The month of April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Leaders in the state of Kentucky are pleading with drivers to put away their phones and focus on the road. Along with recognizing National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Kentucky is launching its statewide campaign called “One Text or Call Could Wreck it All”.

“Distracted driving is a growing threat as too many drivers are ignoring their responsibilities behind the wheel,” said Kentucky Office of Highway Safety Executive Director Dr. Noelle Hunter. “By educating drivers on the consequences of distracted driving and following through with traffic enforcement, we are sending a clear message that we are serious about stopping this deadly behavior.”

There are numerous things that can distract a driver when operating a motor vehicle, such as, the radio, passengers, or a pet in the car. But, the most prevalent distraction in recent years has to be a cell phone. That is why the state of Kentucky is focusing on making calls and texting during their National Distracted Driving Awareness Month campaign.

Every year there are over 3,000 people killed as a result of distracted driving accidents. Yet, about 70% of people admit to using their cell phone while driving, even knowing that it puts them and other drivers in danger. Drivers age 18-24 have been found to be the age demographic that uses their phone most frequently. This is particularly troubling because these are the nations least experienced drivers solely based on their age.

What Can Be Done?

Many people look for solutions to the problem of cell phone use while operating a vehicle. There are some who think that apps that lock your phone while the car is in motion are the answer and some that believe that more stringent laws would curb cell phone use by drivers.

The fact is that the biggest thing that needs to happen is drivers showing some self-control. Consciously decide to ignore your phone while you are driving. Limit your cell phone use in the car to when you are at a stop light or parked.  Life is a precious thing and, many times, people don’t realize that until they’ve lost a loved one. Whoever is on the other end of a call or text can wait. People lives are at stake. Just remember, “One Text or Call Could Wreck it All.”

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