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Kentucky DUI Bill To Be Presented For The 6th Time

ContractKentucky Representative Dennis Keene is going to present a DUI bill for the sixth time. If this bill, the House Bill 60, is passed, it will require all convicted DUI offenders to use ignition interlock devices. The ignition interlock device requires that a driver passes a breathalyzer test first before they are able to start their car.

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DUI bill
Under this proposed legislation, drivers will still be able to apply for an interlock during a period of license suspension. This will allow them to retain their driving privileges, while also helping other motorists stay safe. The interlock program does not cost anything to taxpayers because it will be the convicted driver’s responsibility to purchase and install the device. For a person to join the interlock program, they will first be enrolled in, or are actively participating in, an alcohol or substance abuse education or treatment program.

How this bill would help Kentucky
This bill helps keep those convicted of a DUI from repeating the same behavior. This concept is referred to as recidivism. According to studies, recidivism is reduced when interlocks are installed in cars of both first and repeat DUI offender. If the House Bill 60 is passed, Kentucky will be among the 24 states that already adopted similar legislation.

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In Kentucky, 26.2% of all total traffic deaths or 167 fatalities are drunk-driving related. A total of 24,160 DUI arrests were issued while 24,764 were convicted of DUI. These figures need to be pulled down, and this interlock system will help with that. However, we all need to help do are part, and that’s to be responsible drivers. If you’ve had too much to drink, then don’t get behind the wheel.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I appreciate everyone going the extra mile to help end or reduce DUI cases in Kentucky. Whether the House Bill 60 is passed or not, let’s always practice safe and responsible driving. Always drive sober and protect everyone you’re sharing the roads with.

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