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Justin Bieber Released On Bail For DUI

Teen Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber was released on bail after being charged with DUI, resisting without violence and driving with an expired driver’s license. The standard bail amounted to $2,500 was applied to Bieber’s case. No increase was placed on the amount his camp had to settle. The high-powered lawyer Roy Black represented Bieber in court.

On January 23, 2014, Justin Bieber was arrested while drag racing in a residential Miami Beach street, which was near a high school, golf course youth center, city firehouse and small apartment buildings. The speed limit in that area was 30 mph, but Bieber, driving his rented yellow Lamborghini car, was reportedly going to as fast as 55 to 60 mph. The celebrity also failed the sobriety test.

According to Police Chief Ray Martinez, Bieber was flushed. The teenager also smelled of alcohol and was incoherent. He also refused to cooperate initially. He kept fumbling in his pockets, turning around, using choice words and confronting the officer, who at the time was attempting to pat him down for weapons.

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What if Bieber had done something different?
There is one complex issue that was highlighted with Bieber’s arrest. That was the immigration law. Questions are already circulating online about the possibility of Bieber being deported if he was convicted. The Immigration and Nationality Act states that non-citizens may be deported for crimes that involve “moral turpitude,” “aggravated felony,” a controlled substance, domestic violence, firearms or for other reasons. The categories are not clear and might even overlap in some areas. To add to that, all the states in the U.S. vary on specific crimes that may qualify for deportation.

While Bieber’s DUI charges in Florida were not considers a deportable offense, it may turn out otherwise if someone had been hurt, or worse, died. Justin Bieber is fortunate to have an attorney who is knowledgeable in this area, immigration and criminal law, which could assure that his immigration status will not be compromised. Other immigrants do not even have an attorney and have to go over immigration laws on their own. This isn’t the first and probably would not be the last DUI case involving celebrities.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I know that we can’t control other people’s actions. Still, we need to be responsible for our own actions. Celebrities, foreign or local, should be cautious of their driving habits and obey the law. Please drive sober and always pay attention to the road.

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