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How Do I Obtain A Copy Of An Accident Report?

Contract You are involved in a car accident in Kentucky. How do you get a copy of the accident report? Where do you request it? In Kentucky, the police are responsible for writing accident reports from their investigation of the accident scene. The accident report is a record of information you and the other involved parties involved in the accident provide along with witnesses and physical evidence.

What information is on an accident report?
This document contains the contact information of everyone involved in the accident (from drivers to passengers), driver’s license numbers, model of vehicles involved and the name for the automobile insurance company for each driver along with the policy numbers. Only those people who were actually in the car accident may get a copy of the accident report. You have 30 days following the accident to get the report. Other people can request a copy of the accident report, but they must be the parents of a minor involved in a car accident, the insurance company of the involved driver or their attorney.

How do I get my accident report?
Here are the steps you need to follow to get an accident report:

  • Contact the Kentucky Police Department from the county where the accident occurred.
  • Request a copy of the accident report via mail or visit the police headquarters.
  • You must provide necessary information. If you request the report through the mail, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and provide your name, date of accident and your driver’s license number.

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Did you know that you can obtain your accident report online in you live in Indiana or Kentucky? There are a few select departments in some counties that do not use online services. The cost to obtain your report online varies. However, it’s usually around $10 – $12 and can be paid for by using a credit/debit card or by using a PayPal account. These reports are generally available within 48-72 hours. You will need the following information to obtain your report:

  • Your last name
  • Date of the accident
  • Which Police Department responded
  • Your driver’s license number or the accident report number

You can still obtain an accident report the old way, by going and picking it up. It’s generally a little cheaper if you pick it up in person, but online saves you time. Having a copy of your accident report is important for your case. Please make sure to get a copy yourself or have your attorney do it for you.

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