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Honda Ad Campaign To Urge Owners To Fix Their Cars

Takata Corporation, the Japanese auto supplier, is in hot water after their faulty airbags have been linked to at least six deaths. All these deaths involve cars made by automaker Honda, which has announced a recall to replace defective airbags. Millions of Honda cars, that were part of the Takata recall, have not been repaired, yet.  So, to encourage owners to get their cars fixed, Honda is rolling out an advertising campaign on March 16. The advertisement will run in over 120 U.S. newspapers. It will also be announced in more than 110 markets both in Spanish and English.

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Airbag recall
The Takata airbags can explode when deployed and send metal shards flying into the passenger cabin. Honda is moving to prevent potentially fatal accidents like this, which claimed a fifth victim in January. Takata supplies at least 10 automakers with airbags. Here is an excerpt to a statement posted by NHTSA on their website regarding the Takata airbag recall:

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received notification from BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota that they are conducting limited regional recalls to address a possible safety defect involving Takata brand air bag inflators.”

What to do during a car recall
When car manufacturers discover a safety defect, they inform NHTSA. Then, they conduct a recall. A statement that NHTSA releases states the number of car manufacturers who notified them of a possible recall. Car manufacturers send recall advice to registered owners that their car is subject to recall. In case replacement parts are needed for a recall, but they are not yet available, car manufacturers usually send another letter informing owners once they have the parts in hand.

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If you receive a recall notice, get in touch with you dealer to schedule an appointment for the repair. These repairs are done at no charge to the owners, as required by law. However, in case you had your car repaired at your own expense, before the recall notice was released, the car manufacturer will reimburse you. This will only be done if the repair was done by one of its franchised dealers. Make sure to keep a receipt for the car repair service you are availing.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I encourage owners of affected vehicles to contact your dealer today, and see how they can help you. Don’t wait until any of your loved ones or people you know get hurt before you respond. This recall was issued last year, but there are still people who have not repaired their car. Please take your car in to get repaired if you haven’t already.

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