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Are Google Glass Improving Road Safety in Kentucky?

car accident Distracted driving, as we all know, is life threatening. We’re already exposed to far too many distractions when driving – texting, surfing the internet, talking to someone on the phone, arguing with the kids, eating and the list goes on. Now, we are adding Google Glass to that list.

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What is Google Glass?
For those who still have not heard about Google Glass, it’s a hands-free device with features especially designed for use on the road. It all started with Google’s idea of a turn-by-turn navigation system that would keep the driver’s eyes on the road. Thus, Google Glass was created. Commands are voice-activated, alternatives to reading maps are provided and it also has touch panel buttons on the side for when you’re scrolling the menu.

Google Glass accident in California
There was a  story that made headlines and made a buzz online. It was about a California woman, Catherine Abadie, who was ticketed due to speeding and wearing Google Glass while driving. Speeding is punishable under the law. However, what does the use of Google Glass fall under? Should it be considered another form of driving distraction?

Since Google Glass was not sold commercially at the time of Abadie’s accident, her case was considered a rare sighting. However, when Google Glass is made available to the public, Kentucky officials will also have to deal with this issue. Even though Google Glass was designed to help eliminate the use of cell phones while driving, it can still be considered a form of distracted driving. This means, you should get a ticket if you are caught using Google Glass while driving. Google Glass was a good idea, but it still is distracting drivers.

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The law
While lawmakers and officials work hard to restrict people’s use of technology when driving, Google was confident in the Glass’ potential to improve safety. Laws on distracted driving vary per state. These laws are updated every now and then to keep up with current technology. In the United Kingdom, for instance, the Department of Transport has already banned the technology, which they deemed as just as dangerous as drunk driving. Anyone caught or seen driving while wearing Google Glass was considered to have committed a punishable offence. Just like cell phones, please avoid using anything that will distract you while driving. You may only be glancing to look at directions or a text for just a few seconds, but that’s all it takes for you to be in an accident.

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