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Freezing Rain – Another Challenge For Kentucky Drivers

Unfortunately, many Kentucky motorists will have to make some snowy commutes over the winter season. If fact, we saw this over the weekend. Winter weather is here. Drivers on Kentucky roads are having a hard time moving past snowy roads with a layer of ice beneath it. The National Weather Service hydrologist Mike Callahan said that we can expect more sleet and freezing rain to accumulate if the temperature continues to stay where it is.

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Stay informed on the weather
Meanwhile, Public Works spokesman Harold Adams said that they will keep monitoring conditions. It is our job as drivers to stay tuned for more weather reports and plan our driving accordingly. We’re lucky that the storm system did not cause any serious injury or damage to property, yet. However, the weather did trigger some accidents and has caused headaches for many Louisville residents.

Don’t drive with distractions
The best thing to do is to keep ourselves safe. We can do this by slowing down and putting all distractions away. Snowy weather could make roads impassable and road markings hard to see. In case you have no choice but to drive, make sure that your car has been winterized so it can handle winter road conditions.

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Be extra cautious in these areas
There are a few areas where you should be extra careful. One such area is raised roadways such as overpasses and bridges. These areas are known for having patches of ice, so be careful when driving over them. Also be mindful on roads near bodies of water. These areas tend to be colder than the surrounding areas. This could result in black ice and slick roads. Again, take your time and don’t be in too big of a hurry. Decrease your speed and maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I would like to emphasize how serious winter weather can be, especially in Kentucky. We trust our vehicle to get us to our destination safely. However, there are times when it is best for us not to challenge things we can’t control, like the weather. Please be aware of the road conditions and drive safe.

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