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Bone Fracture Types

Accident Report When you are injured in an accident, you may have a broken bone. Doctors use many terms to describe these breaks and fractures. What do these terms really mean? First, we’ll start with the basics.

Bones and fractures
Many already know this, but what is a bone and fracture? Bones are rigid organs that form the skeleton of humans. They move, support and protect various parts of the body. Excess pressure applied to bones may cause them to break. Fractures happen when the bone cannot withstand the outside forces applied. It may occur because of a car accident, a fall or a sudden focus on the bone due to physical activities such as running or weightlifting. The bone doesn’t necessarily break completely. It does, however, depend on the type of fracture.

The types of bone fractures
Some fractures are easily identified because of the obvious deformity. An x-ray is needed in order to better assess the injury and diagnose the type of fracture. Orthopedics need to know the history of injury in order to evaluate and treat. Here are a few of the different types of fractures:

  •  Open fracture – The broken bone is exposed. A dangerous type due to the increase chances of infection.
  •  Closed fracture – There is a broken bone but the skin is intact.
  •  Simple fracture – This occurs along one line, the bone splits into two pieces.
  •  Multi-fragmented fracture – The bone splits into multiple pieces.
  •  Compression fracture – A closed fracture that happens when two or more bones are forced against each other.
  •  Impacted fracture – A closed fracture that happens when pressure is applied to both ends of the bone, causing it to split into two fragments that jam in each other. This is common in car accidents and falls.
  •  Compression fracture of the spine – This is common in people with osteoporosis and results in significant pain and disability.
  •  Complete fracture – Bone fragments separate completely.
  •  Incomplete fracture – Bone fragments are still partially joined.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I know how serious a broken or fractured bone can be. No matter how you broke or fractured your bone, you should go see a doctor immediately! It is important to immediately establish a diagnosis of the injury in order to receive appropriate treatment. It’s also important for documentation purposes. Your insurance claim will be documented so you can be adequately and fairly compensated for your fracture from your accident.