Facial Injuries in Car Accidents

Mental InjuriesWhen we hear about facial injuries as a result of a car accident, most think about cosmetic injuries. For example, deep cuts that require stitches. Unfortunately, deep cuts and stitches tend to leave scars. It may take cosmetic surgery for the injury to be less noticeable, but some people think that isn’t necessary. Often, injuries to the face can be more serious than deep cuts that leave scars.

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Breaking bones in the face
Breaking a bone anywhere in the body is painful, but the face can be especially tricky. A broken bone in the face can have some painful and distressing side effects. Some of the common broken bones to the face are:

  • Nose
  • Cheek
  • Jaw bones

Breaking these bones can cause problems with sight, speech, ability to swallow and can also cause excruciating pain. Since facial injuries affect the part of the body associated with sight, speech, breathing and traumatic brain injuries, these injuries need to be taken seriously. For example, deep cuts usually require stitches. This needs to be performed carefully for cosmetic reasons. Broken bones need to be treated the same way any other broken bone is treated. It will need to be “set” so that the bone will heal properly.

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How are facial injuries caused?
Facial injuries occur from airbag deployment or from not wearing a seat belt. The force of the airbag can cause a broken nose and/or broken jaw. Not wearing a seat belt causes the body to be thrown around the compartment of a car during an accident. Striking the dashboard can cause devastating injuries.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, I have seen car accident victims with broken jaws that have been wired shut during the healing process. Not only is this painful, but you will be on a liquid diet for weeks. This type of injury may be the most devastating due to the psychological pain. As with any injury, whether it is the result of an auto accident, a fall or sports injury, it is very important to have these injuries addressed and treated by a medical professional.

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