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Evenflo Is Recalling 1.37 Million Cars Seats

recall After Graco, who recalled some of their child car seats, another company voluntarily recalled child safety seat buckles.


On Friday, April 4, 2014, Evenflo recalled 1.37 million of its car seats because some buckles would get stuck in the latched position. This made it difficult for parents to remove their child from the seat and may pose a threat to a child’s safety, especially in an emergency.

Recall on buckles
To parents, please note that the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration said that the recall included buckles used in some booster seat models and children’s convertible manufactured between 2011 and 2014.

Evenflo listed the specific models included in the recall along with links you might find useful.

There were no reports or injuries from these car seats.

What to do when you hear about a recall
If you hear about a product recall, first find out if it is true. Check the news or look for credible sources online so you can learn what to do. Once you have confirmed that a company is indeed recalling their products, get in touch with the manufacturer. Then, verify if the item you own is included in the recall. You could also contact NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline. This organization provides a recall information list.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I suggest that parents who own a recalled Evenflo car seat contact Evenflo customer service. If you choose to return the buckles, you will be provided with a free replacement, as well as directions for proper installation. You want to make sure your whole family is safe. Please take all recalls seriously and see if they affect you.

If they do, then take the proper steps to fix or exchange the recalled item.

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