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Eight New Advancements In Automobiles

Car Accident It seems like every month they are coming out with the next best thing when it comes to cars. Engineers all over the world are coming up with new vehicle technology every day. Many of these features help increase our safety, too.

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Car technology
Here are eight different advancements in the vehicles you see out on the road:

  1. Rear Mounted Radar: This technology has been around for quite some time. It alerts a driver when there is something behind their car. The radar announces when it senses approaching traffic. This technology was introduced in 2010.
  2. Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection: This new technology highlights on a night vision dashboard display. BMW has this technology. It shows what direction the pedestrian was walking or running. When the pedestrian and vehicle approach closer to one another, an alarm sounds and something could pop up on the windshield to warn you of the pedestrian, if equipped.
  3. Automatic High Beam Control: When traffic is approaching, and you have your high beams on, it will automatically turn them down so you do not blind the other driver. Mercedes Benz has its own type of high beam detection, where the high beams are adaptive to the conditions. They will even dim if needed. Let’s say you are making a sharp turn, and you have your high beams on, they will dim as you turn the corner. When you are passed the corner and there is no traffic coming, then they will return to their normal brightness.
  4. Parental Control: Parents having control over their child’s first car is a very calming thought. This is something that most parents will probably look into. You can set limits on how fast the car can go. For example, the car cannot go faster than 70 miles an hour. They can also set a limit on how loud their volume on the radio can go. The parental control tries to eliminate as many distractions as possible.
  5. GPS Vehicle Tracking: You can get LiveViewGPS system. This system updates the position of the automobile every 10 seconds. Whoever holds control of the GPS system will get an alert if the car has been seen in the same place multiple times.
  6. Cameras: Multiple cameras are positioned around the exterior of the car to get a panoramic view. This can make it easier to park. It also alerts you when you are approaching an unseen object.
  7. Driver Capability: This technology determines if you are in the right state to drive a car. It also continuously checks the speed of the car.
  8. In Car Internet/WiFi: A portable router is installed into the vehicle. This allows you to connect your devices to the Internet.

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These features were very interesting to me. I especially like the parental control. I think that would have been handy with my two daughters when they hit the roads by themselves for the first time. If you have young drivers who are starting to drive, remember to teach them good driving habits. Teach them to put their cell phones away before they start the car, and explain to them the dangers of distracted driving. You may think that they aren’t listening, but they are always observing what you do. So, let’s be good role models and show our teens how to safely drive a car without distractions.

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