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“Drive High, Get A DUI”

Scale Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. However, officers would like to remind everyone that driving high will not be tolerated. Colorado’s Department of Transportation released three television ads, which is part of their “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign.

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Colorado’s campaign
Colorado began selling recreational marijuana on January 1, 2014. The chief of the Colorado State Patrol Col., Scott Hernandez wants their fellow Coloradans to know that the law enforcement team is trained to identify impairment by all types of alcohol and drugs. There is no getting away with driving high.

Kentucky’s take on marijuana
Meanwhile, here in our home state of Kentucky, driving under the influence of drugs or substances is also illegal. Law enforcement officials are continuously working to curb impaired driving cases. Legislators are taking steps to advance medical marijuana bill. Inspired by parents who were seeking assistance for their children with uncontrollable seizures, the Kentucky legislators passed the Senate Bill 124. This would allow the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky hospitals to conduct clinical trials of the marijuana oil.

I understand the worries of concerned parents about being arrested or perceived as violating the law when all they wanted is to find a cure for their kids. This would, however, require close coordination between law enforcement officials, as well as drug policy professionals to clarify points where the two sides may collide. For instance, the protection against possible DUI cases for people undergoing tests relevant to medical marijuana use.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I support local agencies in their goal to ensure that drivers drive sober. Gov. Steve Beshear also expressed support on the measure as well as Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer. Eventually, we might see ads similar to those released in Colorado reminding us, Kentuckians, about the DUI laws implemented here in our area. However, we shouldn’t wait to see those ads before we take action to stop DUI driving. We need to continue to educate our families and the community about the dangers of DUI driving as well as distracted driving. This will hopefully help reduce fatal accidents on Kentucky roads.

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