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Drifting Lanes Caused Fatal Accident in Louisville

Car Accident What is drifting?
Drifting is very dangerous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines drifting as, “when a vehicle is moving in a generally straight line but at a slight angle to the lane. The driver might correct his or her course as the vehicle approaches a lane line or other boundary or fail to correct until after a boundary has been crossed.” It’s when you cross the center line or side line that accidents happen.

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Drifting accident in Louisville
A Louisville woman died in a collision near the intersection of South Park Road and Minors Lane, Saturday, August 3, 2013. Melanie Whitfill, 31, died at the scene due to multiple injuries. According to the police, Whitfill was driving her Buick eastbound when she drifted into the opposite lane for an unknown reason and slammed into a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The driver of the Jeep was transported to the University of Louisville Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

What causes lane drifting?
Drifting off the road or into the other lane is a major cause of fatal car accidents. In 2007, there were more than 15,000 car accidents which occurred because of lane drifting. Lane drifting is so dangerous because it will either head you towards oncoming traffic or off the road, both could be deadly. Three of the biggest factors that cause lane drifting are distracted driving, drowsy driving and drunk driving. Distracted driving is anytime you are talking or texting on your phone, talking to passengers, eating, looking at a GPS, etc. This includes anything that takes your eyes off the road. When you take your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, you could drift lanes or off the road and be in an accident. Drowsy driving is when you are driving while you are tired. This could cause you to drift lanes because you are starting to fall asleep, which is deadly. If you feel tired while driving, you should pull over at the nearest rest stop or hotel. It’s much safer for you to get some sleep than to try and drive through it. As for drunk driving, you should never drink and drive. Alcohol impairs your judgement, vision and reaction skills. All of these directly affect your driving. Please never drink and drive.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I want to remind all motorists to put any distractions away, drive with a good night’s sleep and always drive sober. You should put your cell phones away. If a cop sees you texting while driving, they will pull you over. Also, once you start feeling drowsy or sleepy, it is best to let a family member or a friend drive you home. Drowsy driving is dangerous. It is now considered a factor in nearly one in six fatal crashes. Lastly, the best way to avoid a DUI/DWI case is to not drive when you have been drinking. All of these factors are putting your life as well as other drivers’ lives at risk. Please know your limits and drive safely.

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