Warm Weather May Increase Dog Bites In Kentucky

Dog bites can be life threatening any time of year, but during warm months, they seem to happen more frequently. This could be because people are usually out more and dogs are also allowed to roam around. This means we should take a few extra precautions during warm months.

What Do Statistics Say?
According to the data released by the United States Postal Service, Louisville, Kentucky is fourth in the country with the highest dog attacks on letter carriers. Every year, 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs. As stated above, the risk of a dog bite increases during summer when both children and adults spend more time outdoors. Apparently, mail personnel aren’t the only ones that need to be extra careful.

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Last May in Livingston County, a five-year old and his mother were attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull. The boy was attacked first and the mother was injured as she tried save him and stop the dog. An onlooker helped get the dog down. It was not clear what triggered the pit bull to attack. Kentucky law holds the dog’s owner liable for anyone injured by their pet.

Why Dogs Become Aggressive
They’re cute. They’re sweet. They would not be called man’s best friend for nothing. However, the truth is, dogs can be dangerous. Male dogs know when female dogs are in heat. This can cause male dogs to go wild. Males will compete for females, but if a female dog isn’t ready to bred, they will push advancing males away by fighting them off.

In addition, dogs are highly sensitive when they are with their puppies, sleeping or eating. Not all kids are aware of this. Chances are, they will approach a dog, bump into the dog or try to touch it. When bothered, dogs will attack. Dog bite wounds are easily infected. This is because their mouth and saliva contain bacteria that are notorious for causing infections. You should see a doctor as soon as possible to get your wound looked at by a professional.

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As a Kentucky Dog Bite Accident Attorney, I would like to call the attention of both dog owners and parents. We love our canine friends so much that we don’t want them get hurt or have them injure someone around you. Do not let dogs go outside unsupervised, no matter what! This way, you will know what your dog is up to. For parents, let’s keep an eye on our kids. Dogs are not bad animals, but they can cause a lot of damage. However, with proper training and a sense of our surroundings, we can help decrease the amount of dog bites in Kentucky.

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